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Hear What Others Have to Say

I am really loving the classes and only have 100% positive things to report. I feel really welcome at class and there is a lovely friendly atmosphere and the classes are great and give the right amount of variety/challenge. I can really feel the difference in my body too and am managing to stay injury free while running/walking etc and to think more about core/pelvic floor/posture etc. The flexible approach to classes is also really helpful – being able to either attend a different in-person class or zoom class or receive the zoom recordings is super.


Sarah teaches Pilates at various locations in this area of Somerset and Devon, both in person at different halls and online over Zoom. Class sizes are now no greater than 12 people, both male and female, and covering a wide age range. She is an excellent instructor whose classes are fun and as challenging as they need to be across the age range. The majority of our class members are older people and Sarah never patronises us or makes us feel inadequate. Quite the opposite, in fact, because she is always encouraging and, despite our inadequacies, makes us believe in ourselves and our ability to achieve.
New routines are introduced each term and classes are progressive, never boring; Sarah explains the purpose of different exercises and routines to give us an understanding of what we are doing. She is also aware of our individual physical limitations and difficulties and gives alternative routines where necessary. 
Always flexible, she treats and knows us all as individuals and is happy to provide help and advice on an individual basis.
Classes are invariably fully booked, and there is frequently a waiting list for a particular class, testament in itself to her teaching abilities.


I didn’t quite believe you, Sarah, when you said that I would see a difference after just a few classes. But how wrong I was – I am loving my new shape. Thank you!


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