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Pilates for Neurological Conditions

Do you live with a neurological condition, such as M.S. or Parkinson's?

Do you have issues with your balance, walking gait, or muscle weakness?

Do you have symptoms such as spasticity or tremors?

Simply being told to do certain exercises or a higher number of reps may not always help you achieve your goals. What if you simply can't do those exercises? What if you can, but they seem to increase your symptoms?

The good news is that working 1-1 with a Neuro Studio Practitioner (qualified in Pilates for Neurological Conditions as well as Advanced Techniques for Neurological Conditions) can help you find your way to better movement and increased confidence in your balance, your walking gait and your day-to-day activities.


This is what my clients who live with neurological conditions have to say...

“As a Parkinson's sufferer I was told Pilates would help with my balance and general mobility. Sarah’s classes were a revelation, her style of teaching has resulted in a really beneficial experience both physically and mentally.

More recently I have attended one to one classes to help with my walking and stance in preparation for a 25km charity walk. The results have superseded my expectations.”


"Doing Pilates with Sarah Grey has literally changed my life. Sarah had been my Pilates teacher for years, but when I was diagnosed with MS in 2020, she began a mission to find out how she could help me live with MS. Sarah has discovered ways that MS effects my body that I was unaware of. She has helped the pieces of my MS jigsaw fall into place. She has helped me to improve my balance, which has reduced the number of falls I have. When Sarah started to work on improving my MS life, I could not stand on one foot and now my balance is amazing. Thank you Sarah – you are fantastic and I am so grateful to you."


“I have severe MS. I can hardly move. By using my eyes to wake up my brain I have been able to get out of bed better and take a few steps with more confidence. All body exercises are designed to activate my brain to enable me to tackle the crushing effects of this disease. Sarah is highly knowledgeable as to how the body works and has now added how the brain can be exercised to help badly damaged people. I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough with her new skills to help people with brain damaging diseases.”


“I have Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia. Sarah has helped me by giving me strategies to cope with the times when even getting out of bed seems too much. I now feel when I’m at my lowest ebb or ‘overdrawn’ I have Sarah’s techniques to bring me back to normal.”


"Since well before I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, I had heard only positive things about Sarah and her Pilates teaching.  

It therefore made complete sense for me to contact her to see if she could be of help in tailoring me an exercise plan to assist in keeping on top of my Parkinson’s (exercise is one of the few ways in helping to arrest the disease).  

Her interest in using Pilates to help with neurological conditions has meant I’ve found my overall fitness improving and in particular my balance and left side weakness and walking getting better.  

I particularly appreciate Sarah’s sensitivity when it comes to adapting my lessons depending on how I’m feeling preceding lessons and during them. Her commitment to her teaching and knowledge is second to none". 


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