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Pilates is steady and effective, with exercises that flow one after the other.
The exercises start at a level suited to all participants in the class and steadily progress through the session and the term. Participants move on a level when they feel strong enough and when their technique enables it. Some will benefit from a basic level of an exercise for some time, whereas others will work through to the higher levels more quickly. Participants progress at their own pace.

A typical MULTILEVEL PILATES class is 1 hour and looks like this:

Set-up / Warm-up
This section is usually performed standing up. We mobilise all the major joints and includes balance exercises.

Main Exercises 
These are performed in many different positions:
Hands and knees
Kneeling upright

Seated on the mat
Lying on the front, side, or back

Closing Phase
This may include dynamic stretching, but the class will always finish with a stabilising movement.


Suitable for ALL levels of ability. Modifications/alternatives to exercises given throughout for spinal/joint conditions. Optional use of weights for bone strengthening.


Exercises start at a higher level. Optional use of resistance bands and weights.

May not be suitable for certain spinal/joint conditions.


All exercises can be done either standing or seated. NO floor work at all. Optional use of weights of bone/joint strengthening.

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