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Feeling good about the way you move makes you feel good about yourself in other ways. Pilates South West classes and private sessions aim to help people move more freely, gaining strength, flexibility and reflexive stability where needed. 


Hi, I'm Sarah Grey, owner of Pilates South West, based on the Devon/Somerset border in the UK. 


After years of back pain in my 20's, I found Pilates in my 30's and a way to finally manage my increasingly uncomfortable hypermobility (Joint Hypermobility Syndrome). In 2009, I became a Level 3 Pilates Instructor and have continued to further my knowledge in functional movement ever since. In 2012, I became an Assessor, helping up and coming Pilates Instructors achieve they Level 3 qualifications. 


My most recent studies are with The Neuro Studio, enabling me to take my knowledge even further and help those with neurological conditions, such as Parkinson's and Multiple Sclerosis, which is something I have wanted to do for many years.


Pilates can work for you, too. Try it for yourself and see!

Sarah Grey

With 5 different types of class, there's something for everyone at PSW.

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Tailored for you, whoever you are.

Pilates Work Out

Village hall classes AND online live/recorded sessions.


I love hearing about how Pilates has helped my clients; whether it's being able to spend more time gardening, get down to the floor to play with their little ones, or improve their technique and stamina in other sports; it feels great to know that I'm helping people to move and feel better.

Thanks for another great session!
I can now touch my toes while standing without bending my knees.

I love these classes! Definitely noticing a difference each week.

I didn’t quite believe you, Sarah, when you said that I would see a difference after just a few classes. But how wrong I was – I am loving my new shape. Thank you!

When I started Sarah's classes I hoped it might help prevent some minor neck and knee pain I got from sitting at a desk for too long, but it has become so much more than that - pilates has changed how I feel about my body and exercise in general, and is so much fun - I can't recommend it enough! 

Sarah's classes have been so valuable for me on so many levels, and I'm now always telling other people they should try pilates! I'm seeing fantastic results in terms of my own strength, stamina, posture and mental wellbeing too.

It's not easy to fit working out around work, kids, and everything else - but having a range of times and beautiful venues means I can always find a class that works for my schedule. 


For bookings or further details, please contact Sarah:

07876 141 605

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